Fairlie Organic Garden - Hints, Tips, Successes and Failures
Hints, Tips, Successes and Failures



  • If you are growing potatoes, can you please check them for signs of blight - this is a very contagious disease and action should be taken immediately.

    Suggested actions and pictures of affected leaves, stems and tubers can be found here and here.

    The symptoms of blight are yellow leaves with brown spots, leaves with blackened bits on them, black withered leaves, plants that have fallen over. Blight starts at the leaves and travels down to the pototoes. The affected parts should be removed and placed over in the composting area - there will be a sign indicating where potato shaws should be left (this will be in place on Friday 23rd). The affected shaws will be either buried or burnt.

    Most new potatoes should be ready now and you may want to lift your potatoes. Those members growing potatoes in bags/pots/sacks - used compost should be placed behind the path at the back of the garden. Note - there is a folder in the barn that contains information on potato blight plus other gardening information.

  • A large number of gardeners during the Open Day noted the mesh now in common use throughout the garden(see picture on right) to protect the plants from insects etc and (hopefully) from rabbits which are becoming a problem. This mesh is much stronger than normal 'fleece' and is supposed to last several years. The structures to support the mesh are varied but are mostly hoops made from plastic electrical conduit (Hint warm it slightly over its full length over a gas cooker before  putting about a 120 degree curve in it - the heat prevents it collapsing and kinking when you bend it and the less than 180 degree curve leaves it with some spring to hold it in place). There are several sources on-line to order it (search for 'Enviromesh') and it is available in garden centres. A complete FAQ article on it is available here.  
  • The end result after the foliage died back - some sweet potatoes to eat.. Partial success? 
  • The three plants have now developed into this and are 'creeping' out of the tub.           
  • Three plants now growing well in a tub in the polytunnel           
  • Now cut off and being rooted in a pot...           
  • It's growing...(slowly).             
  • An experiment.

    - what is it (apart from a misuse of a pint beer glass!). Watch out for updates and hopefully some growth. Clue - it will have to go in the poly-tunnel.            

Fairlie Organic Garden - Hints, Tips, Successes and Failures
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