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A PDF file showing the current stock held in the library can be downloaded here .

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Our newly opened Largs Seed library provides free seeds for people to check out and grow. Seed libraries are a good way of providing a wide choice of food to grow for communities, growing resilience, food stability and encouraging new skills and hobbies. The seeds available are open pollinated seeds, which is important for seed saving. The majority being easy to grow and save seeds from to use the following year. Hopefully providing a small amount to check back into the library to replenish stocks.
Membership is free and is a paper based joining process. The membership forms are available in the green binder on the seed library desk, once completed please add your first seed loans to the back of the form and hand in to a member of the main library team for safe keeping. Each time that a member takes seeds out it is useful for us if a form is filled out with your name on it and what seeds have been checked out. This is also located in the green binder.
The seed library is set up in Largs library with information and instructions for people to join and use without a volunteer being there. We will also be running and advertising more information sessions and be on hand via email to provide support as well. Email at and contact us via the facebook page or if you like tweeting @fairlieorg. Please also share your photos of seedlings all the way through to picking and eating via facebook, email or twitter.
 A PDF file showing the current stock held in the library can be downloaded here .

North Ayrshire Largs library has an excellent range of gardening books available to borrow and have a wider range which can be requested from their other libraries and collected from your nearest library. We have a handy gardening calendar at the back of the green binder to check sowing, planting out and harvesting times.
The library has been set up with donations, from the cabinet to the seeds. If you would like to donate seeds which you have saved yourself or bought there is a little green box to pop them in on top of the cabinet. If you would like to donate money towards the seed library please get in touch.
We are hoping to expand our collection, please let us know if you have any requests or favourite seeds that you know will do well in North Ayrshire. We will be running plant swaps, propagation sessions and swaps as well as seed saving workshops over the next year.
Please get in touch if you are a community group, early years or school and interested in gardening and would like some support in getting started. Seed libraries in communities and seed bank projects are on the increase in the UK.
Here are some links to other projects and information on seed saving.

Techniques for seed saving chillies and peppers


We also have a fantastic selection of donated seeds available at the community garden in Fairlie.  These are located in the barn and are on display.

Opening hours are as follows for Largs Library: Monday, Thursday, Friday 9-5, Tuesday 9-7, Wednesday 0930-1230, Saturday 10-4

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As many growers have excess seeds we have set up a system for gardeners to share their seeds with others. Simply seeds are displayed and members can take seeds from packets that they need and return those unused for others. They can also deposit their own seeds they don't need for others to use. Donations of seed packets are welcome.
It is hoped to encourage seed saving and some seeds gathered in the autumn and stored are available for members to try. Sometimes people would only like a few seeds to fill a gap or try a different vegetable without buying a whole packet and this allows them to do so.
We have received vouchers from Morrison supermarket to buy seeds as well.
Seed Library
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