Organic Growers of Fairlie - Eco-issues


Eco & Environmental Issues ...
We want to explore how our villagers can live more sustainable life-styles to help get the planet back in balance.
How the Fairlie growers have taken action.......

1.    Climate Change .
  • We aim to put nothing organic into our bin and so contribute to zero methane generation from our landfill.
  • Since our bins do not smell or have flies, less frequent bin collections are not a problem.
  • For each grow-your-own product, there have been ZERO food miles involved.
  • As a village, we can shop less frequently and so use less petrol.
  • We bury the carbon in our organic waste into the soil humus carbon sink rather than throw it away in landfill sites that produce greenhouse gases.

2.    Transition Town Movement.
  • We need also to respond to the reality of Peak Oil – the production of oil and gas  has now peaked but our demand for them still grows exponentially.   We need to respond NOW and make a radical change to our lifestyles.   As promoters of local production and local retail to generate local jobs and boost the local economy, we produce the most basic requirement for the community ... food.  The garden produce does not just feed our families, there is also a surplus for the rest of our community.

3.    Beautiful Scotland.
Autumn in the garden
  • We live in an exceptionally beautiful part of Scotland, and so wanted to convert this eyesore of a brownfield site, which had lain derelict for 20 years, into a lovely, peaceful outdoor hub for the village.
Organic Growers of Fairlie - Eco-issues
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